At Unique Dry Cleaners customer service always comes first. Over the course of many years we have built a great customer base and many customers continue using our service and refer us to their friends.

Following are unsolicited testimonials left by some of our customers …

Edward Gray

Great people, great service. First time I stumbled across them was by chance, I stopped by the ESSO station to get some gas for my vehicle. I live not far from here so seeing there is a drycleaner there, I stopped in to ask for price on cleaning some shirts. Very nice clean space and friendly greeting by staff, not only gave me the pricing but also offered me suggestions on cleaning some stubborn grass stains I had on one of my shirts. So I went home, got my laundry and came back the same day. I picked up my shirts next day, the stain was all gone, I can’t believe it. Shirts were nicely pressed and packed, clean and ready. I came in by chance but I keep coming back by choice. Best dry cleaners in St. Albert.

Linda Osland

I have been going to Unique Cleaners since they opened and have always enjoyed good service as well as high quality cleaning ranging from clothing to drapes to duvets.

Igor Holovati

Great place for dry cleaning. I brought a vintage piece of garment that had a lot of sentimental value to me. I was afraid to dry clean it for the fear of damaging the fragile fabric.

After talking to the staff I was re-assured that their cleaning methods are gentle on the fabric and will not damage or bleach the dye of my fabric. I left the garment to be cleaned and I was very impressed with the result. The dress was clean and very bright without any sign of damage or discoloration, it had absolutely no after smell of dry cleaning and it was neatly and gently pressed ready for my pickup. I will definitely come back again … Thanks for great service

Robert ‘Trey’ Wainwright

Great Folks and Great Service.