Suit Care

A crisp, clean, and professional looking suit sends an important message to others. Keep your suit looking great in between regular dry cleanings with these tips:

  • Use a garment brush to remove lint and keep the fabric looking fresh
  • Hang on wide wooden or padded hangers to help the suit jacket keep its shape
  • Do not store in plastic garment bags—over time, the plastic breaks down and give off fumes that damage fabric
  • Give it room to breathe—don’t cram it into an overly full closet.
  • If you wear a belt, take it out when hanging the suit pants. Even if you are going to wear them again the next day, leaving the belt hanging in the loops weakens the fabric.
  • Consider investing in a steamer to remove wrinkles at home. Always read garment care labels—not all suits are safe to iron.
  • Have suits dry cleaned  every 2-3 wearings to prevent oil and dirt buildup around the collar and cuffs, remove wrinkles, and refresh the fabric.